Julian Borda

We worship together at 10 A.M. on Sundays. Come about a half hour early for some great coffee and fellowship, and stay late to join us for lunch!

We also haveĀ Evening Prayer on Wednesdays at 6 p.m. Join us for a quiet, contemplative service and light refreshments!

Our Liturgy

St. Thomas is blessed with a beautiful liturgy from the Episcopal Church’s Book of Common Prayer. The Book of Common Prayer (BCP) governs our worship and takes from its storehouse treasures old and new: timeless services, prayers, and songs from the earliest days of the Church, combined with more modern worship that speaks to God anew. A typical Sunday morning at St. Thomas will involve a Rite I Communion service with traditional language, which can be found here:

http://justus.anglican.org/resources/bcp/euchr1.pdf (beginning on pg. 323)

Sometimes, a more casual Rite II Communion service will take place instead:

http://justus.anglican.org/resources/bcp/euchr2.pdf (beginning on pg. 355)

The Book of Common Prayer in its entirety can be accessed here: