Our Vestry

Julian Borda

The Vestry of St. Thomas

Class of 2024

Frieda Bain

Linda Waldrop

Class of 2025

Betty Glaspy, Senior Warden

Barry Metcalf, Junior Warden

Class of 2026

Ed Campbell

Abbie Griffin

Church Officers

Lacy Johnson, Clerk

Linda Waldrop, Treasurer

In the Episcopal Church, every church has an elected council called a Vestry. The Vestry is central to the mission of the church: it manages the church’s finances, acts as the agent and legal representative of the church regarding its corporate property, selects a new priest in the event of a vacancy, maintains the church facilities, and in various ways, assists the vicar in his ministry. St. Thomas is blessed with an experienced and committed Vestry that meets every month to work for God’s Kingdom. Hallelujah!